Posted by Jack Anderson on Aug 03, 2017

Sunrise Rotary August 3, 2017; Escondido Education Foundation; Direct Support for our Classroom Teachers


President Dave called the meeting to order; Gloria Leffler led the Pledge to our Flag, and Past President Jack Anderson offered an invocation,


Guests and Visitors:


Ann Van Leer, Executive Director of the Escondido Creek Conservancy…

was a guest again 


Parnia Vafaei, a RYLA alumni leader, was a guest; she is a graduate of Torrey Pines High School, and a third year student at California Lutheran University (this author’s Alma Mater… how cool is that??)


Parnia with Past Presidents Jim Ponder and George Beitner our District’s RYLA Chairs


Bonnie Maloney of Windermere Real Estate Services was inducted as Escondido Sunrise Rotary’s newest member…


Bonnie Maloney shown with Membership Chair and Club Secretary, Linda Bailey





August:    4    John Sawtelle


            Tricia Masson


            Kirk Henson




None this week…


Rotary Anniversaries:


None this week…


Photos of the Week:



Escondido Sunrise Rotary assisting the City of Escondido installing the Climbing Wall at El Caballo Park



Dates to Remember:


August:    20    Softball game with the Calafia Rotary Club of Mexicali in Pine                 Valley; see the email from Past President Mark Hoekstra for                 details


        24    Club Assembly


        31    District Governor Scott Carr will visit our Club


October:    7    Escondido Sunrise Grape Day 5K Event; 65 days away


Hi-Fives and Announcements:


Past President Mike Muehl brought a bag of goodies for the Fisher House at Camp Pendleton; a reminder, we are always collecting needed items… Get them to George Beitner


Past President Mike O’Malley returned from an enjoyable trip to Montana and he brought President Dave an aptly named coffee mug… “This meeting is bulls..t”

Not that any past president would think such thoughts of a Rotary meeting…


Sergeant at Arms Mark Maus returned from Seattle with some trinkets for President Dave; among them a bottle of wine and a coffee mug… “Crap Happens”…


Richard Agnew returned from two weeks in Ireland with a bit’o Irish whiskey for our esteemed president…





Brian Murphy introduced Carolyn Royer, the Board Chair of the Escondido Education Foundation. Along with Carolyn were three members of the Foundation Board; they presented a brief skit demonstrating the way in which the Foundation supports classroom teachers in the Elementary School District.


The Foundation has been in existence 12 years and supports efforts of teachers and teams of teachers to enhance their classroom educational programs. Focus subjects supported by the Foundation include projects and programs within the following academic areas, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.


The foundation is run by volunteers with over 97% of all funds raised being used for educational enhancement projects. Grants are usually made in December, with projects beginning in January and reports back to the Foundation upon project completion in June. The Foundation website;, enables direct donations, or individuals can also donate through purchases on Amazon and designating the Foundation on their Amazon Smile account. Last year’s grants totaled almost $70,000 to various projects within the district’s 23 schools.


A couple of examples of successful projects were described for the Club members; Rose School implemented a project involving the Rosetta Stone language achievement program in an effort to help families become more proficient in the English language… this project continues years after it first began, still helping families acclimate to life challenges in America. Another project is a video production program at Mission Middle School which has actually produced some commercials for local Escondido businesses; Burger Bench uses a video commercial produced by the students.


The foundation is conducting an ‘open house’ event to highlight this year’s projects and raise some funds too; August 11 at 6:30 PM at the Trinity Episcopal Church. All are welcome…


Members of the Foundation Board with President Dave and Brian Murphy…




Next Week’s Program:


Jim Hester of the Escondido VFW discussing the North County Veteran’s Stand down



Opportunity Drawing:


Lunch Money:    $26.00    Past President Jack Anderson  


Big Pot:        $551.00    Linda Bailey’s Ticket; Card selected by Past President Mike O’Malley…


And, “We Have a Winner!!” Mike said Linda committed the winnings (if the winning card was drawn) to the Grape Day 5K…

Congrats Linda!!


Past President Mike O’Malley with Linda Bailey’s winning card…