President Rich Aeling Outlines Plans for the Year
The meeting was called to order; Mark Maus led the Pledge of Allegiance and Jack Anderson offered an invocation
Guests and Visitors:
Mike Maloney (a former member of the After 5 Club) was Mike O’Malley’s guest
It was good to see Kelly Ponder; her guest was Mary (formerly Down; sorry Kelly and Tony, the editor needs to hear a last name).
Brian Murphy’s guest was Carol Rogers of Stone/Glass Art Studio
Birthdays and Anniversaries:
Andy Ommen, birthday on July 5; went to the movie by himself??
Cathy Johnson, July 15; Jeff pleaded for a reminder in advance
Kevin Svetich, July 15
Linda and Randy Bailey celebrated an anniversary on July 10
Andy Thweatt charmed us with a rare appearance, celebrating his Rotary anniversary on July 16; he joined our Club 17 years ago, and was President in 2001. Good to see you Andy!
Club Member News:
President Rich announced that Kati Cowan submitted her resignation from the Club
Photos of the week:
George Beitner and Erin in Kennebunkport Maine
Jim Ponder and Jeff Johnson shared a photo of their friend Chris Drinkward, a longtime Escondido fixture who just lost his battle with cancer.
Jack Anderson, shared a photo of his grandson Jacob Perez, all decked out in his Spiderman costume
Linda Bailey shared photos of her coconut and banana cream pies; set for the winners of the Grape Day 5K Fundraising Challenge
President Rich also shared a video of a ‘Singing Club” vowing that Escondido Sunrise will not become such a club.
President Rich and Ralph Tavares got a bit carried away at the RI Convention garnering some “tattoo look-alikes”… You never know what you will find in the Airport.
High Fives and Announcements:
Tony Criss spent a bit of time in Kentucky and Tennessee and brought President Rich a coffee mug… Only problem, it was for “President Rick.”  Nice Tony; the President Elect is already changing things..
Jack Anderson brought a beverage coozie from Seattle for the “12th Man”
Elana Karoly thanked those that attended Integrity First Mortgage’s July 4th party and announced a Masquerade Ball for the ‘Go-to-Grow’ organization on October 24.
Brian Murphy announced that he was selling American Furniture to a Canadian company, congratulations Brian!
Dates to Remember:
July 18: Vintners Dinner at USD (See Mark Hoekstra for details)
August 4: “New Year’s Dinner with DG Janice Kurth at Cordiano Winery; Escondido Clubs are providing host functions.
August 20: District Governor Janice Kurth will visit our Club.
August 22: Multi-Club event at Kit Carson Park and the Vineyard; dinner at 5PM at the Vineyard, and concert as part of Escondido Shines at Kit Carson Park Amphitheater featuring Tom Knight’s band, “Too Much Fun.”
August 23: Softball game at Pine Valley with our sister club from Calafia, Mexico.
September 12: Grape Day 5K; Goal $100,000 and 1,000 participants.
September 12: YMCA ‘Kids Need Heroes’ event at Stone Farm.
September 19: ‘Pentathlon Day’ at Del Mar Beach on Camp Pendleton
New Member;  Jack Anderson inducted new member Doug Schultz into our great club; Doug is a Financial professional and a native Escondidan…
Club Assembly:
President ‘Rick’ outlined his and the Board’s plan for this Rotary year:
Introducing the breadth of Club Leadership participation, Rich identified the following leaders for this year: Tony Criss, President Elect; Elisa Cohen, Secretary; Andy Ommen, Treasurer; Dave Casey, Sgt. at Arms; Rotary Foundation, Kevin Svetich; Membership, Linda Bailey; Programs, Brian Murphy; Community Service/Rotarians at Work, Bob Burson; Commissioner of Fun, Mike Muehl; International Service, Ralph Tavares; Youth Protection, Silas Harrington; Bulletin Editor, Jack Anderson; RYLA & Grape Day 5K, Jim Ponder; Rotaract, Chris Miller; Mexicali & TJ Projects, Mark Hoekstra; Scouts, Barry Baker; Interfaith/Meals on Wheels/Salvation Army support, Dave Herbert; Pentathalon/Wine Brews & Blues, John Sawtelle; Internet Support, Richard Agnew; and Grape Day 5K Deux, Jeff Johnson.
President Rich emphasized the need for us to share Rotary and asked that each of us bring at least one guest during the year; He cautioned us… No relatives, pets or mannequins…
President Rich discussed the budget and all of the projects that he and the Board want to continue into the new year.  The budget totals $53,500 and it’s up to us as Club Members to fundraise and support our outstanding service goals including: Outdoor Outreach; Mexicali & Tijuana projects; YMCA support; Boys & Girls Club support; Target Shopping at Christmas; Escondido Arts Partnership; Education COMPACT; Rotarians at Work Day; Interfaith support; Bikes for Kids; LEAD; RYLA; Foundation Seminar; Interact; Disaster Funds; Special Requests; Presidential Discretionary needs and Leadership events including RI Convention, PETS and the Demotion Dinner.  Jim Ponder presented information about a new international support project “Flying Kites” a program for orphan children in Kenya. More information is available at
President Rich encouraged us to “Make the Ask” relative to the Grape Day 5K; 58 days left and we have raised about $30,000 towards our goal of $100,000.  The Club Assembly was concluded with a cut from the movie, “Jerry McGuire” and reminded us of a great part of our goal as a club… “Show me the Money!!!”
Drawing: Andy Thweatt on his Rotary anniversary chose a card… Not the winner! Jim Ponder took home lunch money.