Escondido Sunrise Rotary; Meeting to Serve our Community in Person and via Zoom; and “President Mark Maus’s 1st Official Meeting & 5K Information”
July 13, 2023
As we all try to conduct our professional pursuits in new ways, it’s appropriate to remind ourselves of who we are as a Serving Organization… Our accomplishments, our fellowship and the reminder of our many successes is valuable as we seek new opportunities to serve…
We met again in person at the Chamber of Commerce… Great to enjoy the fellowship again and see all your smiling faces…
As a Club, Past President Tina Pope led us as we honored our nation with a salute to our Flag and, an invocation was offered by Past President Jack Anderson .….

It was now president Mark Maus’s first official ESR meeting of the year, what a year this is going to be!!! May we introduce King Mark!!!
Guests and Visitors:
Karen Matingou & Renata Sahagiam – MS Organization
Andy Ariaza from Andy’s Lighting & Décor, Kathy Nozil from Bates Realty
Deanna Smith – Deanna’s Gluten Free Bakery
Here are some birthday announcements for this week!! Happiest of birthdays to:
Kevin Svetich - 7/15
Cathy Johnson - 7/15 (Past President Jeff Johnson's beautiful wife)
High 5 and Announcements –
Many of our Sunrise rotary member's have been traveling this year and they all brought gifts back for President Mark:
Mike Dunlap brought back a few things for both past President Tina and current president Mark
Past President Jeff Johnson went to Oahu & brought back pancake mix, syrup and coffee. President Mark, are you going to make breakfast for us all at the next fellowship?
Past President Mike O'Malley went to a rodeo in Montana and brought back "bigfoot" playing cards and a very funny sign
Mike Muehl went on his annual fishing trip and brought back fresh bluefin tuna
Andy Ommen went to Italy & France & brought back a pen, eifel tower statue and of course a bell!!
Deanna Smith honored past President Jim Ponder for the team building exercise he did for the Escondido Chamber
Rotarian’s Having Fun!!! A picture is worth a thousand words!!
Kirk & Kim Henson enjoyed some time in Lake Havasu with Kirk’s niece and husband
Past President Rich Aeling and many others enjoyed celebrating John Boyce’s 70th birthday party!! Happiest of birthdays to you John!!
Presenting the runners up for the Tina stand in actress were:
And the winner and actual actress is:
Our very own Kendra Koed, Congratulations to a job well done!!
5K Information Meeting:
After our delicious breakfast, Jim Ponder introduced Karen Matingou and Renata Sahagiam from the MS Organization to talk about how important this event is and how much it means to them that we do this every year. He also shared a brief history of how ESR began with the annual 5K events.
Karen told her story of how she was having symptoms that she didn’t understand and she happened to be at an MS Bike ride and listened to their stories and realized that her symptoms were most likely Muscular Dystrophy. When she was diagnosed at the age of 48 her son was 14 years old and together with family and friends began her journey. She is and avid bicyclist in the MS bike races.
After hearing her story, it was apparent how grateful she was and is to the MS Organization for all that is being done for this disease. The monies raised goes to research that is bringing healing and relief to these very brave individuals.
This year as we begin the process of raising funds and inviting people to participate it truly spurred us on to do more just by meeting Karen and hearing her brave story. As September 9th approaches, we will be thinking of you Karen. Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your beautiful life with us!!
Renata Sahagiam gave us a quick update on this years 5K event along with Past President Rich Aeling sharing why we do this event every year
Next Week’s Meeting:
Closing: President Mark Maus announced that we
will be in person and online at the Chamber of Commerce at 7:30 AM on July 20th…
Thanks for Attending Today’s Meeting….
Support for our Escondido Community …
Our great community and the success of its businesses is all of our responsibilities… 
The ‘Giving Arch’ on Grand Avenue and Centre City Parkway reminds us that Escondido is a caring, giving community…
To all; be safe and be well…. God Bless those men and women that carry the load at our medical facilities, and God Bless our first responders… May our governmental leaders be wise, thoughtful and smart as this pandemic is overtaken by our hard work and collective support…
Online Meetings:
Technical Support for Online Meetings:
Our meetings will begin as a hybrid setting with in-person and on-line opportunities…The meetings will be technically managed by Past President Richard Agnew… Thanks for that Richard… And, Richard is prepared to support all of our attempts at joining the on-line meetings… Look for his email with details and links to log on to the upcoming Zoom meetings…
Watch for emails defining the next meeting. The system works fine, dependent upon your technical support available through your PC or laptop…
SEE YOU SOON……  In Person or ONLINE… Next meeting; July 20th, 7:30 AM at the Chamber of Commerce…
Check President Mark’s email for the reminder…