Escondido Sunrise Rotary; Meeting to Serve our Community in Person and via Zoom; and Welcome to Our Monthly ESR Fellowship
As we all try to conduct our professional pursuits in new ways, it’s appropriate to remind ourselves of who we are as a Serving Organization… Our accomplishments, our fellowship and the reminder of our many successes is valuable as we seek new opportunities to serve…
We met again in person at the Chamber of Commerce… Great to enjoy the fellowship again and see all your smiling faces….
As a Club, we honored our nation with a salute to our Flag led by Mike Dunlap and the invocation was led by Jack Anderson
The meeting was brought to order by our wonderful President Tina with the only thing on the agenda but to fellowship and eat together. We had so much fun we didn’t want to stop just hanging out. Thank you, Rich & Jim, for coordinating with Kennedy’s Carne for the breakfast this morning, good job!!
Guests and Visitors:
Carl Reed & Megan Cooley from Veterans Village (they offer housing and services to disabled vets)
Now, some Sunrise Rotary member milestones…
Birthdays: Glynna Hoekstra – September 7th
Anniversaries: There were no marriage and Rotary anniversaries this week
Rotarians Having Fun and Serving…
All kinds of fun and service and fun…
Pictures are worth a thousand words…
There was a Brad Allaband sighting by Rich Aeling at the Stone Brewery 26th anniversary.
George Beitner and his sweet wife having fun celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in San Luis Obispo.
We saw pictures from Gerry and his beautiful wife celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in New York. Gerry gave Tina some great gifts from there
And one more 25th wedding anniversary in Italy with the Henson’s, a lot of celebrating was to be had. Kim presented gifts to Tina (so happy we have a woman president so we can bring other gifts besides the obvious
Brian Murphy and his Indian princess celebrated spent time with the Sevetich’s at the Hideaway Restaurant in Solana Beach and we got to enjoy a little performance from Mr. & Mrs. Svetich
High 5’s & Announcements:
Mike Dunlap went on a cruise to Iceland and brought back gifts for President Tina, moose spice, a puffin statue and “fish”, we can’t wait to hear if she cooks that fish up.
Richard Agnew presented Tina with her official president badge
Grape Day 5k Update:
Clash is leading and money is coming in. We have $79,710 so far (good job everyone!!) and we have 276 registered participants so far.
We are looking forward to the “fight night” on 9/15 to benefit the 5K with Doug Schultz and Dane White
A Moment in Time:
Jack Anderson led us back in time through all of the different locations that the West Rotary Club (original name of club) and ESR have met together at. This rotary club began in 1980 at the Fireside Restaurant
We then began meeting at the Cherry Tree restaurant owned by Kurt Kanecky (spelling?)
We then moved to Chez Orleans when Jack Anderson was the president and on a side note, our past president Chris Miller actually worked there for a year
And of course, we didn’t stop there, we moved to Gentleman’s Choice restaurant where at that time you could have a cocktail at noon. This was a very momentous year because this is when our first woman president was inducted, Susan Maney
We then changed our club’s name to the Escondido Sunrise Rotary and we met in the morning at the original Cocina Del Charro when it was on Quince (right next door to Milo Johnson). We moved with the location change of Cocina Del Charro over on Valley Parkway, where it is now.
And finally, after several mini pit stops, we are at the Chamber of Commerce. We have traveled to many places in Escondido through the years and the one constant that remains is our loyalty to this club and each other. Thank you, Jack, for this amazing trip down memory lane. We look forward to seeing where we go from here!!
Who am I:
Dane White introduced himself with a brief but incredible story of his life so far. He was born here in Escondido and went to Light & Life school and then on to Escondido High School. After a short stay at Escondido High Dane went to boarding school in Missouri but that didn’t last long because he moved to Utah to live with his grandpa who adopted him at that point. After a short time in that living situation, his grandpa decided he couldn’t raise him so he went through the foster care system in Utah and then eventually moved back to Escondido where he met his wife, had two kids and turned his life completely around. Dane now owns White Woods Flooring company; he is currently on the Escondido school board and is running for mayor of Escondido. Dane’s personal story is a testament of surviving against the odds. Thank you for sharing from your heart about your life and good job, we wish you much success!!!
Tina asked for some updates from some of the committees:
Rich Aeling talked about the clothing drive that we usually do for Standdown, we might be doing a food drive instead. Mike Dunlap has generously donated money for that drive
Kendra asked for photos so she can post to our ESR Instagram page
We are also doing very well with our upcoming speakers’ lineup
Opportunity Drawing:
Gerry Fey was the winner; he did not draw the joker (it is in there) which gave $26 to Mike Dunlap
Next Week’s Meeting:
Will be in person and online at the Chamber of Commerce at 7:30 AM on September 8th.….
Thanks for Attending Today’s Meeting…
Support for our Escondido Community …
Our great community and the success of its businesses is all of our responsibilities… Support the businesses that are doing all they can to survive during this challenging time… Take out some chow… Be ready to support them when the economy begins working again…
The ‘Giving Arch’ on Grand Avenue and Centre City Parkway reminds us that Escondido is a caring, giving community…
To all; be safe and be well…. God Bless those men and women that carry the load at our medical facilities, and God Bless our first responders… May our governmental leaders be wise, thoughtful and smart as this pandemic is overtaken by our hard work and collective support…
Online Meetings:
Technical Support for Online Meetings:
Our meetings will begin as a hybrid setting with in-person and on-line opportunities…The meetings will be technically managed by President Richard Agnew… Thanks for that Richard… And, Richard is prepared to support all of our attempts at joining the on-line meetings… Look for his email with details and links to log on to the upcoming Zoom meetings…
Watch for emails defining the next meeting. The system works fine, dependent upon your technical support available through your PC or laptop…
SEE YOU SOON……  In Person or ONLINE… Next meeting; September 8th, 7:30 AM at the Chamber of Commerce…
Check President Tina’s email for the reminder…