President Rich Aeling convened the meeting with a great number of members and guest in attendance; the Pledge to the Flag was led by Tony Criss and Jim Ponder offered an invocation.
Visitors and Guests:
Kelly Mayberry introduced her guest, Mary Lara
Photos of the Week:
Some fish pics from Alaska, courtesy of Jeff Johnson
A photo of the District ‘New Year’ event at Cordiano Winery.  All Escondido Clubs were on line to participate in the ‘hosting’ of the guests; clearly, Escondido Sunrise rocked, and did a great job for the District and Governor Janice Kurth.
A photo of Pine Valley; the location of the upcoming picnic and softball game with the Calafia Rotary Club from Mexicali on August 23.
From Gloria Leffler; a photo of Charlie’s headstone at Miramar Memorial Cemetery as she remembered their 34th wedding anniversary and the 72nd birthday Charlie would have celebrated on August 6.
Birthdays & Anniversaries:
Tricia Masson, August 6; Tony Criss, August 10
Elana & Matt Karoly, August 9; Rich and Donna Aeling, August 11
Rotary Anniversary; Kelly Mayberry, 8 years. She was president in 2011-12 and attended the RI Convention in New Orleans
High Fives and Announcements:
Elana Karoly announced her Go-2-Grow organization is having a Masquerade Ball
John Boyce was on a trip to Pennsylvania, searching for groundhogs and he brought President Rich some jerky… (groundhog?? Or??)
Sam Oden returned from a trip to Swaziland where he and 40 others labored for a non-governmental organization supporting school projects among others. He return with some hot sauce and a mask for the Prez, but no ‘bad beer’
Dates to Remember:
August                  10:          5K Meeting at Aelott A/C
20:          District Governor Janice Kurth will visit our Club
22:          Multi-Club Concert at Kit Carson Park with ‘Escondido Shines.’ Cocktails at 5PM at On the Border
23:          Pine Valley gathering with Calafia Rotary
September         12:          Grape Day 5K
12:          YMCA ‘Kids Need Heroes’ Dinner Event
19:          Del Mar Beach Pentathlon at Camp Pendleton
March, 2016       31-April 3: Mexicali Project
GRAPE DAY 5K  37 DAYS!; $58,000 Raised to date
Jim Ponder announced that public service announcements would take place on Channel 7/39 and KUSI as well as the Jeff and Jerr Showgram
Ernie Martinez has agreed to M/C the event
PROGRAM: Who Am I Presentations:
Elana Karoly started off the presentations with a great powerpoint. She introduced us to her husband Matt, talked about her work as a Home Loan Specialist with Integrity First Mortgage and talked about her ‘pet project’ “Go-2-Grow” a not-for-profit organization that provides peer counseling and carreer exploration with middle school and high school students. She also talked about her young days playing softball, modeling and working with Americorps in Tampa, Florida.
Doug Schultz shared his ‘Who Am I’ presentation without his powerpoint… When technology fails, you do the next best thing and present from memory… Doug came to Escondido as a 3-year-old and grew up among his Escondido roots (his grandmother is Marilyn Cloyd, a member of the Escondido Rotary Club). Doug shared about his career as a financial advisor now in an independent practice, using a holistic, client-focused approach to helping his clients. Doug is married 8 years and he and his wife have a 2-year-old daughter Tasha.
Andrew Aguirre was next to share his ‘Who Am I’ however a slight delay was encountered as he was inducted into membership by President Rich and Membership Chair, Linda Bailey.
Andrew also used a powerpoint for his presentation. Andrew or ‘Batman’, was born in El Paso Texas to Marine family; by the age of 16, he had lived in Lake Elsinore, Houston, Okinawa, Seoul, Lubbock TX and Oceanside. He graduated from El Camino HS and Cal State San Marcos with a degree in digital film history. He is a Branch Manager for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego and, in addition to his youth services career, has worked in the film industry, writing, directing and editing. He will be married in October, and promises to make a video for the Club.
 Jim Ponder took home the &27 lunch money and Ralph had no luck for the $176 big prize…