Posted by Jack Anderson on Jul 25, 2017

Sunrise Rotary July 20, 2017; The Future of the Christian Faith


President Dave called the meeting to order; Brian Murphy led the Pledge to our Flag, and Past President Jack Anderson offered an invocation, reminding us all of the historic date 48 years ago when a man walked on the moon.…


Guests and Visitors:


Carl Altamore was a guest of Rorie Johnston; Carl is in real estate and looking to become involved in the community. He heard about our club from Rorie and the Chamber of Commerce, and also researched us on the web site.


Bonnie Maloney was again a guest of Linda Bailey; Bonnie will soon become a member of Escondido Sunrise… Great job Linda!




None this week




None this week


Rotary Anniversaries:


July 23; President-Elect Mark Crosby two years        


Thanks for your outstanding Rotary Service!!


Rotary Foundation:


Past President Kevin Svetich, Foundation Chair presented Paul Harris Fellowship awards to Past President Constance Larson, her seventh award


And to Past President Tony Criss, his fourth award…



Dates to Remember:


July:         30    Rotary game at the Padres vs. the Pirates


August:    31    District Governor Scott Carr will visit our Club


October:    7    Escondido Sunrise Grape Day 5K Event; 79 days away


Hi-Fives and Announcements:


Past President Rich Aeling showed an informational flier on Escondido Sunrise for prospective members and to use when soliciting funds for the Grape Day 5K


Dave Herbert commented that he and Past President George Beitner visited former member Peter Strnad; Peter is afflicted with ALS and he and his wife Mary reside in an assisted living community in the south bay.


Past President Mike Dunlap brought gifts to President Dave from recent travels he and Nancy enjoyed in Portugal and Spain


Gloria Leffler announced that she had some goodies for Fisher House (Past President George reminded all of us of the ongoing ‘gathering process’ for Fisher House) and, Gloria has found a new residential opportunity through recent visitor Mona Durney… Rotary connections are the best!




President Dave introduced Father Bill Dopp; Bill brought his program, “The Future of the Christian Faith” to us. 


President Dave and Bill Dopp…



Bill shared that his presentation would not be a sermon… as his wife cautioned him to avoid; rather, he was talking about faith in general, specific to Christianity and the worldwide situation relating to the growth and decline of churches…

He acknowledged that 2017 is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation; initiated by Martin Luther, which changed the practice of faith and enabled the scriptures to be available to all believers. He also noted that there have been major changes in the practice of the Christian religion on a similar 500-year cycle. Thus, there are changes now taking place…

Bill has shared with the Club previously regarding his work in Uganda and the growth of Christianity in Africa. He commented that on Sundays in America, soccer fields are full and church attendance is declining; conversely, church growth is rapid in Africa, where church buildings are too small and worship festivities move to soccer fields. Quite a contrast.

Bill quoted a number of theologians and evangelists regarding the growth in the Christian faith towards a mission-based practice of faith and religion.  Such individuals as Dietrich Bonhoeffer, C.S. Lewis and Desmond Tutu supported his view. Bill has recently written a book which was available for members to purchase.  


Bill is also working with a mission project in Uganda wherein water purification is an issue. Previously, Bill and Dave Herbert visited this ministry site in Uganda. The Club presented a gift donation of $1,500 in support of the project.


Bill Dopp with President Dave, presenting a check for the Uganda project…






Next Week’s Program:


Come and See what it will be…


Opportunity Drawing:


Lunch Money:    $16.00    Past President Scott Putnicki


Big Pot:        $508.00    Gloria Leffler; Sorry!!