Sunrise Rotary February 2, 2017  


Remember:     This week’s meeting at Del Lago Academy; 7:00 AM,                 The address is 1740 Scenic Trail Way, Escondido,                 (near Citracado Pkwy and West Valley Pkwy). Meet in                 the school parking lot at 7:00 AM.


Past President George Beitner led the Pledge of Allegiance

Bill Dopp offered an invocation.


President Tony graciously handed the gavel to President-Elect Dave Casey to enable him to gain some ‘hands on experience’ conducting a meeting…


Well, the Past President’s Council thought this might have been a ‘set up’… As soon as Dave ‘captured’ the lectern, the speaker, Sean Carlson, BAILED… 

He apologized while claiming that our visual set up was not going to work with his presentation on technical education… What irony!! A speaker on tech education cannot give his presentation without tech support… First time ever for our fine weekly programs…


Dave handled all with great aplomb (that’s a big word for all of us!!) and the meeting proceeded smoothly…


Good job Dave; and always beware of Presidents bearing gifts…


President-Elect Dave looked very presidential at the lectern with that dastardly gavel in his hand…





Guest and Visitors:


Former member, Bill Dopp was introduced… Rumor has it that he will be re-joining soon.


Photos of the Week:


Several photos were shared of the Tijuana House Build project with Project Mercy and from the North County Veteran’s Stand Down sponsored by the VFW and supported by Sunrise Rotary


Anniversaries and Birthdays:


There were none this week


Dates to Remember:


February    9:        Club meeting and breakfast at Del Lago Academy

                The school will be providing breakfast, a tour of the                     school, and a presentation on the Solar Cup Project that                 ESR is helping to fund with a $1000 donation.  The                     address is 1740 Scenic Trail Way, Escondido, 92029                     (near Citracado Pkwy and West Valley Pkwy). Meet in the                 school parking lot at 7:00 AM.


        14:        Valentine’s Day… Don’t forget!!


March        23:        Delivery to Fisher House at Camp Pendleton; bring your                     items to any club meeting


April        7-9:        RYLA


        20-23:        Mexicali Project


October    7:        Grape Day 5K; only 247 days till the big event!


High Fives and Announcements:


Dave Casey offered a huge ‘High Five’ to all the restaurants and groups that made donations to support the Veteran’s Stand-down; of note were several fast-food and barbecue restaurants that donated huge amounts of food and Dr. Bronner’s Soap offering hygiene supplies for all the veterans.


Programs and Events at Recent Meetings:


Without a formal program, comments were made on the great ‘project’ weekend that took place January 27-29…


Tijuana House-Build: 

Rich Aeling and Barry Baker shared photos and tidbits about the great work that was accomplished for a grandmother and her three children. Also participating were members of the After Five Rotary Club and the Calafia Club. The most exciting part of the project; other than building a much needed house… Was the ‘muddy’ access to the project. Trucks were literally ‘mired’ in the mud; Barry’s truck, Mark & Glynna Hoekstra’s truck, and a church bus from another project team… Seems the only truck to make it safely to the house site was Mike O’Malley’s… Must be something about the ‘Luck O’ the Irish’….


So, in addition to building a house, several vehicles were rescued from axle-deep mud. Alan Miller’s ‘Little Car that Could’ was a key in pulling some of the ‘big boy trucks’ out of the slop…


North County Veteran’s Stand-Down:

President-Elect Dave shared some highlights of the weekend at Green Oak Ranch in Vista, where nearly 130 veterans received a wide range of services including, clothing, personal hygiene support, legal services and referrals for additional services. Legal support was provided through and onsite session of ‘Homeless Court’ with Judge Kirkland on the site, clearing cases for the veterans.

All-in-all, hundreds of volunteers served the men and women that have served our nation. Escondido Sunrise Rotary was one of the donors for the event and was appropriately recognized.

The success of the event and the on-going need will result in this service being offered again next year.



January 26 Program; San Diego Padres:


Curt Waugh, Director of Group Tickets and Hospitality for the Padres presented our program. He was accompanied by Sean Nickelsen, a member of the Group Sales staff.

Curt talked about the upcoming season and personnel changes the team is making. Notably is the new contract for Will Myers, the home run-hitting All Star first baseman that was just signed to a new multi-year contract. He emphasized the team’s goals as they relate to the San Diego community with a focus on Living, Learning, Playing and Serving.

We reminded Curt of the great benefit the Padres and Major League Baseball provided to the Escondido Community with the installation of the new ball field complex at the Boys and Girls Club facility on Woodward and Broadway.


President Tony with San Diego Padres representatives…




Opportunity Drawing:


$17 for Lunch:    George Beitner

$201 in the Big Pot:    Mike O’Malley… Sorry, the Irish Luck ran out…