Rorie Johnson President/CEO of Escondido Chamber of commerce was hired by our own Brian Murphy, and Les Abshire mentored her to assume her current responsibilities on 1 January 2014.
Married 22 years, she and her husband have spent only 2 valentines together.  She has a dog, Abigail and not having children of her own, she joked about adopting an 18 year old to take care of them in their older years.  This sort of happened when Kristine, now 20 came to live with them at 18.  Kristen is Rory’s niece
Escondido celebrated 125 years as a city.  Chamber is 127 old as it started as an association before it reached city status.
Chamber of Commerce’ mission is to promote and attract commerce to the city.  The first Chamber of Commerce was established in 1601 in Paris; the first in the United States was in 1768 in New York City, where every business in the city must be in the Chamber.  Rorie liked this idea for Escondido, but!!!
Escondido Chamber association started in the Sun Kist  Business office, then went to its own building on Grand & Maple, then to Escondido and Fifth.  In 1960 it moved to its current location on Broadway—but the building looked much different. 
There are many levels of Chamber of Commerce, Local level regional, global level, international chamber of commerce.  There is also the Jaycees, or junior chamber of commerce.
Rorie is a member of the Escondido Tuesday rotary club. (of course someone was quick to say they thought she was too young to join that club.
The Education committee focuses on K through life to Engage the city’s future work force.
CSUSM senior group is working on expanding involvement in the   May 18 th spring festival, and they need volunteers.  Looking for ways to marry nonprofit and businesses to benefit each other. 
A Weekly newsletter is available to anyone wishing to be placed on the email list.  Contact the Chamber to request this. 
The Quarterly magazine is distributed throughout the city and paid for by ads in the magazine.  They have various outreaches, one is a Good morning Escondido monthly breakfast 28 February, as well as various Ribbon cutting events, workshops, and presentations.