Sunrise Rotary March 9, 2017  


President Tony called the meeting to order;

Ralph Tavares led the Pledge to the Flag

Jack Anderson offered an invocation


Guest and Visitors:


Rorie Johnston was visiting from the Escondido Club… Will she join us after her appearance in “Dancing with our Stars” at the California Center for the Arts??? Don't miss her smooth moves on April 1…


Kahlei Ornelas from the Boys and Girls Club was again a guest.


Anniversaries and Birthdays:



None this week



None this week


Rotary Anniversaries:

None this week



Photos of the Week:

No photos this week


Blue Badge Presentation: 


Past President Jack Anderson presented a Blue Badge to “re-newed” member Bill Dopp. Welcome Father Bill!




Dates to Remember:


March        23:        Fisher House delivery; bring items to Club meetings or                     George’s business


April        7-9:        RYLA; Facilitators still needed, see the website or speak                     with Jim Ponder


        8:        Mexicali Project “pre-build”; preparing footings and posts for                     playground equipment construction  


        15:        Gulls Hockey; more information to follow


        20-23:        Mexicali project


May        4:        Evening meeting; more details to come

        6:        Bunco at John Boyce’s home    


June        22:        Demotion event; Bye, bye President Tony and welcome                     President Dave Casey    


October    7:        Grape Day 5K; only 212 days till the big event!



High Fives and Announcements:


John Sawtelle announced the upcoming Blues, Brews and Blues event in conjunction with the Bonsall Rotary Club. As we sell tickets, we are returned a share of the proceeds; last year our club earned $3,500 plus. Look for the event on June 17 at the Arts Center.


Dave Herbert announced that Mark Crosby will be chairing the Meals on Wheels project that we support on the fourth Saturday of each month. New volunteers are encouraged to join in this great service effort.


Ralph Tavares announced that his new B & B is open for business in Ocean Beach with 120 nights already reserved.




Brian Murphy introduced today’s program; Tom Griffin, a former San Diegan, now of Anacortes Washington. Tom is the past president of the Anacortes Rotary Club, and a retired Naval Officer with a career as a Radar Intercept Officer in Fighter aircraft.


Tom Griffin of Pacific Northwest Boating School sharing with our Club members:



Tom led us on a virtual four-day tour of the San Juan Islands in the gulf of Juan de Fuca. The proximity of the islands (less than 10 miles to the first marina at Orcas Island from Anacortes), the rather ‘gentle’ weather, and the beauty of the islands and all they offer. Tom spoke about the significant tidal changes in the sound and the gulf, and their impact on sailing and boating. He referred to the Waggoner Cruising Guide, the ‘bible’ for water sport activity in the San Juan chain. His beautiful slides, and interesting comments on the various marinas and hotels that one will encounter throughout the course of touring. Included in the visual tour were photos of Orca whale pods and wildlife on the islands, including numerous pictures of the great bald eagles inhabiting the area. In addition to boating, there is access by sea plane and ferries to some islands. Not only will one see great views and experience the calmness of island travel, the food is amazing as one has the opportunity to binge on Dungeness crab and other great seafood. Tom share with us the vacation packages offered through his Boating School where travelers have the opportunity to participate as a crew member while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Tom awarded a door prize of the Waggoner Cruising Guide, won by Ralph Tavares.



Next Week’s Program:


Chrisann Moats speaking on EAP Programs…


Opportunity Drawing:


Lunch Money:    $18;    Jeff Johnson


Big Pot:        $260;    Brian Murphy, sorry, not so lucky today…