What a great honor.  At Thursday’s meeting, the membership had the honor to vote for four new members, all part of the Teri organization, our first corporate membership.  A huge thank you to Mike Dunlap who has had a relationship with Teri for a few years through our cabin donation, but that he brought this to fruition with 4 new members is amazing. 
A huge welcome to Teri and the following members:
Michelle Spacciapolli
Phillip Sammuli
Kimmy Roberts
Greg Snaer
Just to refresh your memories—the below is the guidelines for Corporate Membership:
ESR Proposed Corporate Membership:
  • Allows for multiple members from the same company.
  • Full cost for Primary Member.
  • Only the Primary Member can be eligible for a club officer positions (President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms).
  • Reduced Costs for additional members (up to 3 max):
  1. RI Dues – $6
  2. District Dues – $3
  3. Club Dues – Optional
  4. Paul Harris – $11
  5. Weekly Meal – Billed only if present
  6. Monthly recognition (fines) – Optional
                        Total proposed amount to be billed - $20/month.
President’s note:
I have added the $11 per month Paul Harris amount.  This will continue to allow us to state that we are an EREY club and that all of our members are on either on tract to become Paul Harris Fellows or have already reached that status.  This differentiates us from most other clubs in our district and throughout Rotary International.