President Rich Aeling opened the meeting; George Beitner led the pledge to our flag and Jack Anderson offered an invocation.
Visitors and Guests:
Elana Karoly introduced her guest Jonathan Cianci
Tony Criss introduced his wife, Connie as his guest
Rich McDaniel was introduced again as Kimmie Roberts’ guest
Photos of the Week:
Pine Valley Park was featured in a photo in preparation for the picnic & softball game with the Calafia Rotary Club of Mexicali on August 23
Photo from the District 5340 event at Cordiano Winery featured our great welcoming team and Escondido Sunrise’s pop-up sun shade
Mike Muehl shared a photo as a 53 # White Sea Bass was landed on a recent trip
Birthdays and Anniversaries:
Connie Criss on August 13; way to go Tony, take her out for breakfast on her birthday at the Rotary meeting…
Mark Crosby and his wife Mary Lou celebrate their anniversary on August 18
High Fives and Announcements:
Elana Karoly announced her Go-2-Grow organization is scheduled to have a Masquerade Ball in October
George Beitner recently visited Denver and brought President Rich 1 bottle of beer and a Cabela’s label… Very thoughtful, George!
President Rich talked about a collection effort by District Governor Janice Kurth to raise $1500 from each Club in the District for Polio Plus. Empty milk cartons with the Polio Plus logo will be available at each meeting for your contributions
Dates to Remember:
 August                 17:         5K Meeting at Aelott A/C
20:          District Governor Janice Kurth will visit our Club
22:          Multi-Club Concert at Kit Carson Park with ‘Escondido Shines.’ Cocktails at 5PM at On the Border
23:          Pine Valley gathering with Calafia Rotary
September         12:          Grape Day 5K
12:          YMCA ‘Kids Need Heroes’ Dinner Event
19:          Del Mar Beach Pentathlon at Camp Pendleton
November          14:          District Foundation seminar at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido
March, 2016       31-April 3: Mexicali Project
30 Days Till the Event! We have raised $56,000 and have 150 participants
We need more walkers, runners, etc!!!
Tony Criss introduced our speaker, Phillip Jordan. Phillip is the Business Development Manager of WRESY Water Recycling… Happens to be Tony’s company, but President Rich was not about to fine Tony for the long commercial Phillip was ready to present to the Club…
Phillip talked about the drought facing California and the different ways homeowners and businesses can capture water from both rain and irrigation to reuse on their property.  Phillip shared a number of statistics relating to water usage, and water wasting.  He also commented on the 25% water use reduction demanded by the State of California because of the drought. And, it always seems that when ratepayers reduce their usage, the agencies raise rates to maintain systems and infrastructure.
The WRESY system captures water on a property and pumps it back into the irrigation system for re-use. Drainage on a property is reconfigured to capture runoff and tanks are buried at catchment points to be pumped back into the irrigation system. Sensors gauge when watering is needed, and also monitor tank capacity to begin re-using water when the tanks reach capacity. The system is designed to catch irrigation runoff and rain water; it cannot be used for gray water as that is a violation of State health codes. New housing projects (KB Homes in particular) are using a similar Australian system in their construction planning so that recycling can be integrated into the property maintenance system. Typical cost of a system is about $4,000.
Fernando Monforte took a chance on the $140 pot, no luck
Bob Benton took home $17 for lunch